This Week:

We have opened our doors again! If you plan to attend please consider the following social distancing guidelines:

1. We will open seating to every-other pew (approximately 6 foot intervals). 

2. We will allow close seating for household family members, but request you maintain 6 foot distancing on the pews between non-household attendees. 

Online and Phone Services are Available:

For those who wish to join online, or over the phone, we will still be streaming over WebEx. Please check in every week for updated login information. You can join in the following ways. 

A. Call-in:

you can call in to our service with any phone by dialing the following:


When prompted to enter an access code, enter the following (this code changes weekly):

182 893 8103

When Prompted to enter a password, enter the following:

AAAA (on phone: 2222)

B. Download the Cisco Webex Meetings app:

You can either download the application on the webex website, or by clicking on "Join Meeting" in the email invitation. If the application doesn't install, check your virus protection software. Sometimes you may need to notify your virus protection software "I trust this download" to continue. 

C. Join over the internet:

When you receive your email invitation, click on the "Join Meeting" icon. It may attempt to download the application initially, but on the same page (at the bottom center of the page) it will offer an option to connect through a website. Click on the link, and follow the prompts to join the meeting.

If you are new to Faith Church

Please navigate over to our contact page, and fill out the contact form. We would be happy to include you on our meeting list.


For all upcoming events and activites, check out our calendar:


T: 515-955-6895


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"For by grace you have been saved through faith" - Ephesians 2:8